[Revision] 灰色の涙 (Ashen Tears) ⏐ cordelia

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Ashen Tears

Arrangement, Lyrics: devilish5150
Vocal: YURiCa/花たん
Piano: うぃんぐ
Bass: beriko
Drums: Syotaro Yamauchi
Mixing: ハンゾー

Original Album: 東方幻奏響UROBOROS業~eNDoFtHEuLTIMATEoVERdRIVE~ | Web
Original Release: Comiket 91

ネクロファンタジア (Necrofantasia)

This song was later re-released in 椿 (Carmilia; THE OTHER FLOWER) for Reitaisai 14 this year.

This is the Version 4 translation, an update from the Ver. 3.5 translation from last year 😅😅😅

I remember how much difficulty I had with this translation back then. I was pretty much just starting out then, and it’s interesting to realize how much of an easier time I had with it compared to when I first started (I was agonizing over this for slightly over a month before I ended up publishing, and then some). Now it only took me roughly three days.

I thought I might have exaggerated when I said that there would be a ‘massive revision’, but it might have been a different song for all I know. Read More »



Arrange: 709sec.
Vocal: Mayumi Morinaga
Lyrics: Nana Takehashi

Album: 地霊 -CHIREI- | Web
Release: Reitaisai 14 | RTS14

[1] 旧地獄街道を行く  (Walking the Streets of a Former Hell)
[2] 華のさかづき大江山   (A Flower-Studded Sake Dish on Mt. Ooe)

Mayumi Morinaga is also known as ‘senya’ from Yuuhei Satellite.

When this song started playing after Nana’s Eurobeat track, my mouth may have dropped open. I could go on and on about how awesome this track is, but that would be a waste of time! (P.S. The entire album rocks!)

Herein, the Bestial Demon Yuugi is unleashed.

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縹色スカイウォーカー ⏐ Yonder Voice

Indigo Sky Walker

Yonder Voice
Compose & Arrange: 風霊狼
Vocal: hopechong
Lyrics: 蒼羅杏 (Anzu Sora)

Album: 桜風の誓い (Oath of the Cherry Blossoms) | Web
Release: Reitaisai 14 | RTS14

妖怪裏参道 (Youkai Back Shrine Road)

I got my RTS14 albums yesterday! I had expected them to come today, actually. Way to go, coming a day earlier and messing with my plans! 😊

Another simple and beautiful song sung by hopechong. I’ll leave you to infer who the ‘Indigo Sky Walker’ may be. The Chirstian/Catholic God?

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Arrange: Swing Holic Band
Vocal: A~YA
Lyrics: TETRA塾

Album: SWING HOLIC VOL. 16 | Web
Event: Comiket 89 | C89

不思議の国のアリス (Alice In Wonderland)
the Grimoire of Alice

In case you didn’t get the Greek, its name is ATLANTIS.

This is a relatively difficult song to translate, which may have contributed to the length of time it took me to finish it (I’m also forgetful, if you hadn’t noticed before /sarcasm 😅). During this, I started to understand why SWING HOLIC songs don’t get translated often (as I was informed, a very long time ago).

The translation below is heavily based on my interpretation of the song. Though, I wouldn’t be publishing it if I weren’t so confident of it. Nevertheless, do excuse any misinterpretations and kindly point them out for me if you can, 😊.

… Wherein PC-98 Alice seeks out the lost city of Atlantis with her Grimoire.

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冥きゆめみし ⏐ Sound Holic feat. 709sec

Dark Dreaming

Arrange & Vocal: 709sec.
Lyrics: Blue E

Album: Secret Hunter
Release: Reitaisai 13 | RTS13

古の冥界寺 (Ancient Temple of the Netherworld)

More backlog cleaning, (and Sound Holic too 😊). This song is from RTS13, and I’ll be receiving my RTS14 CDs by the end of this week, so something from those albums may be coming soon. Hmm… thinking back, one could possibly think the ‘they’ could be a ‘she’ at some points, but I used ‘they’ (mostly) throughout the translation mostly to be consistent *shrugs*.

This ‘dream’ seems more like a nightmare to me, but not ‘dark’ to my standards, 😉.

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退廃的ペシミズム (Decadent Pessimism) ⏐ IOSYS

Decadent Pessimism

Arrange: void
Vocal: LIQU@。
Lyrics: 96

Event: 例大祭 10 ⏐ RTS10

ブクレシュティの人形師 (The Doll Maker of Bucuresti)
人形裁判 ~ 人の形弄びし少女 (Doll Judgment ~ The Girl who Played with People’s Shapes)

I love these lyrics. The amount of self-depreciation just sings out to me. I might have spent an inordinate time laughing at them. This translation has been a long time coming, simply because I keep forgetting (and stalling).

Once upon a time, I accidentally uploaded this by mistake (thanks, horrible WP app). This is the real deal now. Enjoy! 😊

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Flame of Fate ⏐ The Other Flower

Flame of Fate

The Other Flower
Arrange, Lyrics: devilish5150
Vocal: 花たん/YURiCa
Mastering: 神灼爺

Album: 椿 (Carmelia) ⏐ Web
Release: 例大祭14 ⏐ RTS14

Original: 月まで届け、不死の煙
(Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke)

For some reason, I keep typing the simple ‘ah’ and ‘oh’s as ‘a-ah’ and ‘o-oh’s. I am really a strange and complicated person, ain’t I?

From YURiCa’s new circle! *SQUEE!!* I’m still a few weeks away from getting my hands on the album (thankfully preordered — it sold out fast), so I was pretty psyched up when I saw that she had put up this PV above. Writing this, I’m still getting more excited. Ciao!

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アンプリファイア (Amplifier) ⏐ 幽閉サテライト

Title: アンプリファイア (Amplifier)
Circle: 幽閉サテライト (Yuuhei Satellite)
Vocals: senya
Lyrics: かませ虎
Arrangement: 奥山ナマリ
Album: 東方PARTYBOX 03 | Web
Publisher: Melonbooks Records
Original: 妖怪寺へようこそ (Welcome to Youkai Temple)

I had this song on repeat like crazy for the last few weeks. Is it possible for your ears to get exhausted? It’s almost as if Choujuu Gigaku themselves were at it… Well, one could imagine. Btw, I took a more ‘lyrical’ approach to the translation. I think it worked, somewhat. ‘Almost singable’, I reckon…? 😛

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Cornelia ⏐ Halozy

Title: Cornelia
Circle: Halozy
Arrange: Crouka
Vocal: 長尾ちえみ (Nagao Chiemi)
Lyrics: sumijun
Album: Grand Slam | Web
Release: Comiket 91
Original: Pierrot of the Star-Spangled Banner (星条旗のピエロ)

As I’ve mentioned earlier, here is the second Grand Slam translation I’ve promised you. For a good time after I got the CD, I was singing along to the lyrics of this song, which was kinda funny, since I had honestly bought the CD for ‘Stadium of Love’ (I ended up loving the whole album).

Yes, I’m a strange person.

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恋のスタジアム (Stadium of Love) ⏐ Halozy

Title: 恋のスタジアム (Stadium of Love)
Circle: Halozy
Vocal: 水瀬ましろ (Minase Mashiro)
Lyrics: sumijun
Album: Grand Slam | Web
Event: Comiket 91
Original: The Primal Scene of Japan the Girl Saw (少女が見た日本の原風景)

I first heard this song from the event-exclusive “Extra Ver.” CD that Halozy released during Comiket 90, and I knew that I just had to have the full CD when it comes out. I was not disappointed. Expect to see at least one more translation of a song from this album 😉

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