Sticky: The Great Translation Revision

… Because honestly, I probably made a lot of stupid mistakes back then, and I am a (mostly) responsible person and aim to make… less mistakes, for all that I’m capable of, working by myself. Call it a progress report of some kind.

Translations Updated, to V2 & beyond

  1. I’ve certitude, by KRASTERII | Posted here
  2. Demystify Truth, by 回路-kairo- | Posted here
  3. 灰色の涙 (Ashen Tears), by cordelia | Posted here
  4. FLASHBACK, by SOUND HOLIC | Posted here
  5. Fragile, by Quintet | Posted here
  6. NETHERWORLD, by SOUND HOLIC | Posted here
  8. retrograde amnesia, by KRASTERII | Posted here
  9. clock work lust, by MOFUYA | Posted here
  10. 御神幼霊詩, by TAMUSIC | Posted here


Currently Planned Revisions That Will Happen

  1. 永遠 (Eternity), by Secret Messenger | Ongoing Already
  2. Forbidden fruit, by niente | Not Yet Started
  3. サバトのロンド (Rondo of the Sabbath), by Yonder Voice | Not Yet Started

^these three are the last of Round 1 (among my first 10 translations).

italicized: Part of the so-called “Great and Impromptu 7 Sept Revision Marathon”, lol.
Last updated… 7 Sept. 2017


emergence ⏐ 凋叶棕



凋叶棕 (diao ye zong)
arrange, lyrics: RD-Sounds
vocal: めらみぽっぷ (meramipop)

album: 音 -omoi-
release: Comiket 92 | Web

[1] 東方妖恋談 (Eastern Mystical Love Consultation)
[2] 二色蓮花蝶 ~ Red and White (Dichromatic Lotus Butterfly ~ Red and White)

This shall be the first time I’ve ever attempted a song by RD-Sounds. RD is… kinda like a semester-ending test on your abilities. A difficult, but important test. It also leaves you wondering if you had done well, in any case, again and again.

Honestly, I was really hesitant about posting this, but I did spend like more than a week working on it ever since my copy of the cd arrived, so well… YOLO, I guess? Funnily, Releska ended up publishing his translation while I was languishing about.

Anyway, do let me know how you think about it, the way I interpreted it and so. Now I’ll just hide in a corner and cry………

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怪奇心霊琵琶語り ⏐ IRON ATTACK!


kaiki shinrei biwa katari | The Strange Ghostly Biwa Recital

arrange: IRON-CHINO
vocal, lyrics: まいなすいょん (minusiyon)

album: 本当は怖い東方世界  (The Eastern World is Truly Dreadful) | Web
release: Comiket 92

幻想浄瑠璃 (Illusionary Joururi)

For those of you celebrating it, Happy Hungry Ghost Festival (or however you call it)! Here’s a ghost story! 😅👻

This song is also based on a children’s game, Hana Ichi Monme. Aside from some minor rephrasing, the lyrics from the game have been carried over from their translation in the article.Read More »



shoujo zanzou | The Girl Afterimages

arrange: IRON-CHINO
vocal, lyrics: まいなすいょん (minusiyon)

album: 本当は怖い東方世界  (The Eastern World is Truly Dreadful) | Web
release: Comiket 92

[1] ハートフェルトファンシー  [Heartfelt Fancy]
[2] 少女さとり〜3rd Eye (Satori Maiden ~ 3rd Eye]

A short disturbing tale of a broken girl… and her two new protectors………
(expect at least one more from this album)

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Suture: | 赤音羽

赤音羽 (akanebane)

vocal: 提娘
arrange: hanachan
violin: TAM (TAMUSIC)
lyrics: 幻想旅人
japanese support: 提娘

album: Suture: | Web (weibo) | XFD (nico) | DL (Melon)
release: 上海ComiCup19 (3/Dec/2016)

(1) 少女さとり〜3rd Eye (Satori Maiden ~ 3rd Eye)
(2) ハルトマンの妖怪少女 (Hartmann’s Youkai Girl)

‘Me’ (boku) refers to Koishi (the weak, weak, weak one). ‘Myself’ (watashi) also refers to Koishi, probably. ‘You’ (kimi) may be referring to you… or the Koishi who’s either ‘Me’, ‘Myself’, or neither at all! ‘I’ is kinda neutral, though it’s used by boku sometimes.

And this translation adds a one-time usage of ‘our’ (and ‘one of us’) for ambiguity’s sake near the end!

Lots of fun lyric-changing here. I merged some of the translated lines together, btw.  (I did all of this through the night, so expect edits… maybe… I dunno…)Read More »

[Request] 天邪鬼 ⏐ Amateras Records

amrc-0006Contrary | Amanojaku

Amateras Records
lyrics: M.I.O
vocals: miko

album: Dilemmatic Sorcery | Web | PV
release: Reitaisai 9 | 27 May 2012

人形裁判 ~ 人の形弄びし少女
(Doll Judgement ~ The Girl Who Played With People’s Shapes)

Requested by ShiizuTako

An early Amateras song. For the most part, I tried to phrase it as if I was following the PV. It worked, more or less.

Touhou Wiki translated the title as ‘Not Being Honest to Myself’, which I think captures the meaning quite well… but not fully. An ‘amanojaku‘ refers to a person who performs actions contrary (i.e. opposite) to, say, what they want do, like what happens in the first two lines. Do note that ‘Contrary’ is how I’m interpreting it here, though.

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落砂 ⏐ Yonder Voice

Falling Sand

Yonder Voice
arrange/compose: yato
vocal: 瑶山百霊
lyrics: 蒼羅杏

album: 桜風の誓い (Oath of the Cherry Blossom Wind) | Web
event: Reitaisai 14

Sailor of Time

From the booklet, a ‘morally suspect’-looking Chiyuri with sand slipping and falling out from her fingers… In this story, the end of the world is told. Read More »

桜風の誓い ⏐ Yonder Voice

yvcdn0014sakurakaze no chikai
The Oath of the Cherry Blossom Wind

Yonder Voice
arrange/compose: 天遊
vocal: 瑶山百霊
lyrics: 蒼羅杏

album: 桜風の誓い | Web
event: Reitaisai 14

広有射怪鳥事 ~ Till When?
(Hiroari Shoots a Strange Bird ~ Till When?)

To be honest, I am really, really happy about this translation… to the point where I can barely express it. Surprisingly, this took me less than three days. Granted, I was focusing entirely on translating this song, procrastination aside. ( ̄v ̄ )º>

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